You Said, We Did

2021: "I feel disconnected from other Student Representatives."

Student Union President Harriet Moore created a Student Representative Google Classroom this year to foster a community for Student Representatives, and ensure all the key information was in one easily accessible place.

2021: "I wish there were more places to showcase my artwork."

During the renovation of the Students' Union, we include a space for this. There is now a dedicated wall in the SU which is updated regularly. You can submit by emailing with the subject line "Student Artwork Wall".

2020: "I wish there was a dedicated space for posters to advertise events, fundraisers, exhibitions, etc."

During the renovation of the Students’ Union, we wanted to include a dedicated space for this, so created the “SU Community Board”. Online, we also have a Plymouth College of Art What’s On group on Facebook. This is a dedicated group for advertising events, fundraisers, exhibitions and more.

2020: "I wish the Students’ Union supported our academic studies more in some way."

Student Union President, Harriet Moore, created the Student Union Bursary; £1,000. The SU commissioned new illustrations, typeface and branding from Milly Richards and Savannah Dale, a new logo from Kieran Jasper, and Student Representative of the Month certificates from Esme Midwinter and Bhuvaneshvari Gunaskara.

2020: "I would like to see wider student representation."

The Student Union Executive Committee has a wide range of student representatives, and this academic year Student Union President Harriet Moore included a BAME Representative and a Disability Representative for both FE and HE. There is also a plan to include a Mature Representative next academic year too.

2020: "I wish there was better range of alcohol in the Student Union Bar."

The Students’ Union Bar is now stocked with a full range of alcohol, with spirits instead of mixer cans, and we can buy in requests for those who come regularly. The plan is to continue expanding this, having a regular menu and specials for specific events, seasons, holidays and more.

2019: "I wish there was more clubs and societies."

Clubs and societies are run by students, supported by the Students' Union. The Student Union advertises the groups as much as possible over social media and at meetings, and supports any new groups in finding more members. There is an annual Clubs and Societies Fair for new and returning students also.

2019: "I wish events catered for a bigger variety of people."

Over the last year, the Student Union Team have put on more catered events based on direct student feedback, events included a LUSH lock-in and Drink and Draw. There are events catered towards specific groups such as LGBTQ+ or Mature students.

2019: "I don’t use the Students’ Union space because it feels plain and unwelcoming."

Student Union President Harriet Moore and Student Union Manager Paige Nolan worked over the summer to completely renovate the Students’ Union to become a dual-purpose relaxed study space and funky SU Bar.

2019: "I wish the Student Union would work with more local businesses."

Student Union Manager Paige Nolan has worked with many local businesses for giveaways and competitions. She and Student Union President Harriet Moore have organised a range of ‘Pop-Up Shops’ and Fairs with local companies.

2019: "I wish there was an easier way to get in contact with members of the Student Union Team."

All members of the Student Union Team now have their email addresses linked on the ‘Meet The Team’ section of the Student Union website. There is a main and mobile number to speak directly with the Student Union President or Student Union Manager also.

2019: "It would be great if there was music playing in the Students’ Union."

The Student Union Team now ensures there is always music on within the Students' Union via the new surround-sound system.

2018: "The Students' Union is often cold."

The Student Union have spoken to Estates and this issues has been reviewed; heating was adjusted to alleviate the issue.

2018: "I'm not sure where to find the Students' Union, or what they offer."

New signage was added college-wide, including a mural in the SU corridor, and the SU website has been utilised to advertise what the Students' Union has to offer.