Student Voice

Interested in making your voice heard?

So you want to be more engaged? Want to make your voice heard? Join the team of amazing Student Representatives working hard to put across your views and making positive changes across the Plymouth College of Art community. Each course has 2 Student Representatives and 1 Reserve Student Representative in each year cohort, who volunteer for the role at the start of each year and are decided upon by the members of their class.

In previous years, Student Representatives have achieved everything from making Wednesday Workshops free, more equipment in the ERC, IT stock sales for students, a brand new canteen, a Students' Union renovation and more!


Student Representative
Role Profile

As a Student Representative your job is to represent the views and opinions of your peers and the wider student body at a variety of forums.

  • Be a member of the Student Council 

  • Communicate information about students’ rights

  • Attend all Student Voice and SSLG (Staff Student Liaison Group) meetings

  • Lead and support internal and external surveys such as Induction, Trimester and the National Student Survey

  • Liaise with members of your cohort to ensure your course is being delivered in line with learning and teaching quality and standards.

  • Promote the value of the Students’ Union and the other services provided by the College

  • Play an active part in the Students’ Union to help make a positive change within our community 

  • Instigate discussions for events and activities, clubs and society ideas, etc.

  • Raise any feedback from your peers around student experience to the appropriate staff and forums

  • Refer any issues or grievances to the Students’ Union that may require action at a higher level

  • To be a representative for and help to shape the College, driving and supporting the change and strategies within.