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Interested in making your voice heard?

So you want to be more engaged? Want to make your voice heard? Join the team of amazing Student Representatives working hard to put across your views and making positive change across the Plymouth College of Art community. In previous years, Student Reps have achieved everything from making Wednesday Workshops free, more equipment in the ERC, IT stock sales for students, a brand new canteen, a renovated SU space and more!


Your Student Representatives 2020/21

Extended BA

Ash Ebsworth
Chris Stone
Jen Norris

3D Design Crafts

Daniela Cali
Sophie Palfrey
Luana Almeida
Emmeline Kwaan
Chantal Challis
Bonnie Mustoe Whitehil
Ben Bavi
Claire Marshall


Helena Bone
Jack Polley
Alice Cartwright

Shannon Dale
Charles Butler 

Bryan Waller
Brandon Bailey

Jessica Whitehouse

Evey Oxinou

Commercial Photography for Fashion, Advertising and Editorial

Alex Gibson
Adam Mackintosh
Holly Archard Burnett 
Vince Cutler
Lauren Wiig-Aspland
Kelly Balment

Catherine Hyde
Ben Cox
Hannah Boulton

Costume Production and Associated Crafts

Maya Drake
Willoe Miners
Helen Claret
Savannah Southey
Harry Wadham
Isabelle Mercier

Digital Media Production

Jem North
Rosie MacPherson
Tani Wood


Benjamin Parker
Nina Westwood
Olivia Neighbour
Izzy Platman
Mia Cooper
Chloe Hedges

Fashion Media Marketing

Georgie Tombs Wheeldon
Izabella Podmore
Caleb Kyle
Patrice Insua
Natalie Bell
Molly Pascoe

Film and Screen Arts

Nathan Brennan
Jade Whatle
Tom Martin
Afiya Robinson
Sarah Heittola

Fine Art

Hannah Cade
Yvonne Mousley
Magnus Cooper
Rebecca Vincent
Charlotte Day
Abbie Dyer

Game Arts

Jonathan Hedges
Sorcha Adams
Georgia Dorow
Maycee Smith-Sturley
Bampton Faith
Jack Parsons
Amber Layton
Lauren Clayton
Samuel Grotzke

Graphic Design / Graphic Communication

Indigo Slaney Smith
Cameron Long
Ethan Short
Simon Langer
James Parson
Eden Smith
Lisa Langhorn
Toby Brown
Emma Langdon


Lucy Ward

Ben Hunter

Felix Donohoo

Alexej Arlett
Shri Gunaskara

Arin Smallwoods

Milly Richards

Savannah Dale

Lucy Holland

Interior Decoration, Design and Styling

Madi Austen
Vanessa Gadd
Molly Wood
Lauren Miller
Amelia Molloy
Steph Lee
Charlotte Lach
Phoebe Leader
Kieren Percival
Sharnna Waugh

Painting, Drawing and Printmaking

Katie Gould
Camsel Downing
Charley Dyson
Ismay Berncastle
Kyra Leigh-Lanfear
Nathan Stark
Yazmine Labban


Ronnie Lennox
Danielle Gibbs

Ethan Norris

Harry McCallum

Mia Hollywood

Jaymee Lewis

Pippa Lear

Alix Barber

Niamh Whisker

Printed Textile Design and Surface Pattern

Millica Bishop-Morris
Sophia Shah
Flora Woolman
Esther Witherall
Victoria Harris
Helen Jones

Textile Practices

Madeleine Franklin
Isabelle Lane
Anna Roper
Danielle Aked
Sophie Manton
Amy Mathews


Donna-Marie Burns
Jordon Hill
Charles Westwood
Annabelle Hogben

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