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Student Union Team

We are your SU team! Made up of the SU President, SU Manager, Executive Committee, and Student Union Ambassadors all here to give you the best possible student experience.

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Student Union President (and Student Govenor)


Harriet is your SU President and she is here to make your voices heard! She runs Student Voice meetings, supports your Clubs and Societies and is the head of The Union.


Student Union Manager


Paige manages all things events and SU! She takes your feedback and uses it to create things just for you - talk to her for event planning, bar nights and help fundraising!

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Students' Union Photographer


Ray's job is to capture all of the events that happen within the Students' Union for our website, social media, and any other marketing uses. If you need photographs of the SU or need him to shoot your event, get in touch.


Student Union Ambassadors


Our Student Union Ambassadors support you from when you move in and during Freshers to events and regular bar nights throughout the year. This is a flexible paid role for our HE students.