We are your SU team! Made up of the SU President, SU Manager and Executive Committee, all here to give you the best possible student experience.

SU President

Rowena is your SU President - she is here to listen to your voice and use it to make change! Rowena leads Student Voice meetings and so much more - talk to her to make your voice heard.

SU Manager

Paige manages all things events and SU! She takes your feedback and uses it to create things just for you - talk to her for event planning, bar nights and help fundraising!

Vice President of HE

Jamie's job as VP of HE is to actively seek feedback and concerns from students of the college, relay that information to the appropriate channels, and ensure that it is heard and responded to in a serious and timely manner.

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Marketing & Enterprise Lead

As well as helping to run the website and social media, Harriet organises and runs events, creates marketing materials and networks with local businesses on behalf of the SU. Speak to Harriet for help with any of the above!

LGBTQ+ Representative

Harry aims to work with all members of the college, running the LGBTQ+ society and representing the LGBTQ+ student body. He will be working with the other members of the executive and relevant staff in the college in order to continue to drive for inclusivity and diversity. Always around to chat and hear others ideas.

Volunteers & Charities Lead

Dannie's main goal is to build relationships with local charities and thus create more opportunities for students. Dannie is also here to help with any Fundraising ideas and goals you want to achieve during your stay here at Plymouth College of Art.

Official SU Photographer

Ray's job is to capture all events that happen within the SU for our website, social media and any other marketing uses.


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