Clubs and Societies

Clubs and Societies are entirely student-led, but these are supported with advertising and occasionally funding from the Students' Union. As these groups are led by students, they vary year to year, so please check back here for the latest information, including the sign-up form.

Below are all of the current Clubs and Societies. If you'd like to join one or more, please fill in this form.

Once you have submitted this form, your request will be processed and you will be added to the email groups, which are managed by each group leads. Your request may take up to 7 working days in busy periods. You will get a confirmatory email once your have been added to the requested groups.

If you don't hear anything from the Clubs or Societies after some time, please contact the Lead(s) as listed on this page in the first instance, but feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or issues.

If you would like to set up your own club or society, please email with more information.

Book Club

Club Leads: Amelia Jeffery and Esther Scanlon

A club for literature lovers to be able to share their thoughts and opinions on a large variety of texts. Here we pick a book to read together each month, though it’s not required, and have discussions about different themes. Anyone is welcome to enjoy and share in books they love.

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Cat Society

Society Lead: Beth Mundy

This society has been set up to help and support animal charities through fundraising, events and awareness, both local and worldwide.

Join in on Instagram @pca_cat_society


Christian Union

Group Lead: Emilia Caddick

As a Christian Union, we aim to encourage and empower each other as we learn together about the challenges the world presents. This group is perfect if you are looking for like-minded friends or you are simply curious about the Christian faith. We meet regularly and talk, pray, encourage or simply spend time with one another. We also meet with the University of Plymouth Christian Union. Please get in touch if you have any further questions.


Creative Art Society

Society Lead: Poppy Lawrence

We make and observe art, visit galleries, and watch the occasional Bob Ross documentary, why not come along?

Join in on Instagram @pca.creativeartsociety


Creative Enterprise Society

Society Lead: Shri Gunasekara

The Creative Enterprise Society is for anyone who may be interested in freelance work, creating their own business, collaboration or otherwise. Find like-minded individuals, run your own events, enrich your Profession Practice module and CV, and much more!


Don't Say It, Create It Society

Society Lead: Lucy Hartman

The society was created to support people with neurodivergent minds; to help them come together as a collective, to create artwork, and talk about what helps them with these (diagnosed or undiagnosed) conditions in both an educational and social setting.

Join in on Instagram @dont_say_it_create_it

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Dungeons and Dragons Society

Society Lead: Jessica (Skye) Hill

The Dungeons and Dragons Society is a place to fulfil all your fantasy, role-playing and evil needs. Take your fancy? Try out the D&D Society today!


Film Club

Club Lead: Molly Vivian

We meet regularly at Plymouth Art Cinema to watch films of varying genres and origins in a cinema setting. The club is open to all courses and throughout the year we'll do seasonal and themed nights - suggestions welcome. See you there!


Knitting Society

Society Lead: Lucy Mcmillan

We have weekly 'Knit and Natter', where we chat and share patterns. At these meets, how to's and one to one's are available for anyone who wants to learn knitting or crochet techniques or are a beginner too. 

Everyone is welcome, whether you are a beginner or an experienced knitter or crocheter, so please do come along to chat and share patterns. 

Join in on Instagram @knitting_society_pca


LGBTQ+ Society

Society Lead: Fraizer White

Are you a member of the LGBTQ+ community or simply just a friend of the community who wants to be more involved? Even if you're not sure but want to join in, everyone's welcome!


Photographic Society

Society Leads: Harry McCallum and Mia Hollywood

Interested in photography or anything photographic? No matter your discipline or skill level, come and join in!

Join in on Instagram @photosociety_pca


Rock Climbing Society

Society Lead: Rosie Macpherson

This society is for people who want to get into climbing - both beginners and those with lots of experience welcome. It is a great way to try something new and push yourself!


Skate Society

Society Lead: Jack Radford

Have you always wanted to learn how to skate, or are you an experienced skater looking for spots and locals to hang with? We accept all skaters, from all disciplines whether beginner or experienced, everyone is welcome to join in and have a go.


Upcycling Fashion Society

Society Leads: Maddie Franklin and Lily-Elle Bragg

Interested in sustainability and fashion? Come and join in with the Upcycling Fashion Society to find ways to recycle your old items into new ones, and find the best spots in Plymouth to pick up amazing second-hand items.

Join in on Instagram @upcyclingsoc_pca


Witchcraft Society

Society Lead: Ezra Cooper

All witches welcome; Pagan, Shamanic, Asatru, Wicca, Druidry and more. Anyone who is interested in witchcraft is welcome to come along and find out more.


Women's Society

Society Lead: Ksenia "Sunny" Volgemut

The goal of the Women’s Society is to create a safe and supportive environment for non-men. We are going to be planning events to allow women to unwind without worrying about the dangers of spiking, sexual harassment, etc. which may include social events, workshops, talks, and more.

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Yoga Club

Club Lead: Tressa Thomas

Tressa is an MA student and a yoga teacher who runs yoga classes every Friday from 4-5pm in the Postgraduate Centre. All PCA students are welcome - open to all levels. Her goal is to design and teach classes that are accessible to all people. Once you have requested to join, Tressa will email over a form to sign up to classes.

"Yoga is for everybody and every body!" 

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Zine Society

Society Leads: Caitlin Hughes and Liam Olczyk

Zine Society is a fun and safe space for you to let your creative juices flow in the form of making a zine! Come join us for regular meetings and fun events. Activities include zine workshops, social events and collaborative projects.

Join in on Instagram @pcazinesociety


Why not start your own?

Start your own society with just 6-10 signatures!

Don't see anything that takes your fancy here, why not make your own? Email us at for more information and how to get started.